Vanessa De Sade

18J Soho Street

It’s perhaps every woman’s dream to photograph nude males, but for Miranda it’s a fall from grace… until a quiet tattooed boy slinks into her studio.

An Old Fashioned Love Story

Angie is having a night at home in her furry onesie and slippers. Like she does most nights, this means Horlicks in front of the telly, by herself, in London flatland. Angie has always loved Greta, but Greta has always had a string of boyfriends and never appeared to be interested in any girl on girl action. That is, until tonight…

Art Class

This is not the kind of art class story that you are expecting. It neither chronicles the erotic insecurities of a fat-bottomed girl baring her all to a group of students and finding self-confidence and true love, nor does it document the lustful ramblings of a middle-aged matron ogling the tackle of young bucks. No, this is the story of quiet infatuation…

Beach Photographer

Cindy walks the promenade each day in her Snappy Snaps blazer and creased white flannels, her trusty Rolleiflex camera slung around her neck. But behind the sunny facade there lurks a darker side to her nature, and Cindy desperately seeks her muse and wrestles with her own sexuality… Will both conundrums be resolved when she meets a voluptuous Venus at the far end of the beach?

Black and White Movies

Black and White Movies is a penetrating study into the erotic frissons of voyeurism and is told over ten very different tales of observed and unconventional sex.


Fur is a book of erotica about women for women; an adoring love song to female sexual desire, a passionate sonnet to the feminine form and a heart-felt celebration of woman in all her glorious shapes and sizes.

Knock Knock

Delicious larger-lady erotica written in a way that only Vanessa de Sade knows how. Matthew has promised his wife that there will be absolutely no sexy shenanigans when he’s at the hotel all week for the annual sales conference…

Sheila Hagen's Room and Other Stories

Sheila Hagen’s Room and Other Stories is a collection of six character-driven erotic stories about real women exploring their darkest sapphic urges. From voyeurism…

Tell Me A Secret

The Honeymoon Suite

For better or for worse, Sam is now wed to her new husband Hugo. Always the control freak, she is already obsessing about every detail of the brand-new bridal suite in which they’re staying. Sadly, it seems, the couple’s honeymoon isn’t going particularly well. That is… until Hugo decides to start calling the shots.

The Shower Game

This excellent short story from Vanessa de Sade has little of something for everyone – from voyeurism to same-sex fantasies and more. In it, we meet Brian and Angie, who have a happy, healthy sex life. When Brian notices another guy looking at him in the changing room and tells Angie about it, she spots an opportunity to explore new ground…

The Watcher

The summer after the First World War, Moira married Donald, an elderly farmer. At the time, it was abundantly clear that most of the men Moira’s own age who had gone off to fight in France were never coming back; women danced together at the village hall, contenting themselves with a sly kiss or two in the dark lanes going home in the scented dusk.