Roxanna Cross


Critically acclaimed erotic narrator Richard Dickins transports us to the world of the phone sex operator in this fantastic erotic short story from Roxanna Cross. When you spend your entire day turning other people on, what can you do to keep your own sex life interesting?

Sizzling Teasers

This anthology includes ten short-short and short stories to scorch-up the sheets with all levels of heat imaginable. With a bit of everything to please everyone. From exhibitionism, to tasty morsels, and switch personalities, BDSM with active role play, even sushi Goddess’s, to unrequited love, threesomes and foursomes, even the paranormal comes and lends a hand.

Strangers In The Night

After her ex disappears out of her life taking their savings with him, Savannah takes up working as a waitress to make ends meet… but it’s far from her dream job. Yet she discovers one perk in particular that makes it all worthwhile when Jay walks in, attracted by the diner’s authentic ambience.

The Forbidden Fruit

When a man’s unrequited love turns up at his house begging to share his bed, he instantly accepts and invites her in. But can he keep himself from acting out his most carnal desires, especially after promising that he is there to keep her safe?